- "Always"
written by lang leav

spoken within the vows of katie to soleil

"You were you, and I was I;  we were two, before our time.
I was yours, before I knew;
and you have always been mine too."

I'm the dreamer of this duo. The one who wakes up in the middle of the night with some grand idea, completely expecting Katie to jump on board without question - don't worry, she keeps me grounded. 

I've been photographing weddings since I was 20 years old, after having expressed my entire life that I was going to go into Journalism. Yeahhhh. I actually went to school with the intention to complete a degree in Mathematics. I know, what the hell happened.

Love happened. I picked up the camera and that was it.


My Wife. Our pups. Juicing. Coffee. A good ass playlist for every mood.  Books. Pretty much any international food that has tons of flavor.

Sassy, curious, real (to an awkward fault), and definitely someone who lives to serve others.

Narrow down your results first by style, then by personal connection, and lastly, of course, by pricing. Stylistically you want to mesh, but without being able to chat it up with your photog as you would a friend, the emotional connection you want your images to represent may seem forced or nonexistent. Ex: Department Store Awkward Family Photos. You don't want that. 

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She's the dreamer, I'm the enforcer. I happily offer tickles to the littles to make sure we grab smiles,  fluff the dress, dance to the electric slide at receptions, AND I'll chat sports with the  guys for HOURS to ease some nerves.  

Believe it or not, I followed Soleil's photography for years and just fell in love with her. I made up any excuse to meet her and had her photograph my puppy's newborn session! A couple years later and we were married! I bet that's the most unique love story you've ever heard!!!

In 2016, I joined her amazing business and it's been Soleil & Katie ever since!

second shooter and detail perfecter, business go-getter behind the scenes, & the sports enthusiast

My Wife (said like Borat). Bertrude & Bartholomew (you may recognize them by their legal names, Ernie & Reagan; our pups). Sports. Slouch Beanies... even during the summer.

Funny, a "good" kind of crazy, sometimes random, passionate about my family (I just love my wife and our littles!), and a spitfire (what my family & friends call me).

Connection is everything. No matter how good looking the couples is or how great the photographers are, you don't want your portraits to look uncomfortable or forced. Remember your photographer is capturing your most intimate moments, that no one else gets to present for. Feeling safe in your vulnerability with your photographer is a must... and it all starts at connection.

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Six year old Beagle Boy with an infinite love for naps, anything your eating, and blankets. He LOVES blankets. 

Four year old, six pound Yorkie with the misconstrued idea that he is the size of a Rottweiler. Holds the distinct honor of being his mommas' match maker. 

also on the payroll

life, love, & the in between