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April 6, 2018

Katie’s Blog Debut | #fridayintroductions

Soleil here. Like every great novel, I’m going to include a little preface here written by Katie’s favorite person EVER: ME! #humble(?)brag

If you’re a newbie (what up?!) you may not know that this crazy, beautiful business was brought to fruition 8 years ago (9 in August, say what!), long before Katie graciously entered my life. It’s also because of this business that Katie and I are even an item. Life’s pretty incredible and unpredictable. That’s right, I married a client. 😱 😍

I’ll let her tell the story…

xoxo – Soleil

It all started with a Yorkie. No, for real. Ernie is the matchmaker in this love story. But just for sh*ts and giggles, let’s go over some points on how I got the girl.

  1. Trick her into agreeing to shoot a newborn session for your dog. This was way before Pinterest scored tons of puppy newborn sessions and Soleil thought I was crazy for even asking about it. Didn’t help that I sent her the most insane looking photo of Ernie to seal the deal.
  2. When she invites you over for game night, show up 4 hours early… every time. I just wanted to spend more time with her. 😀 Soleil’s an excellent cook and a great conversationalist. Who wouldn’t want to spend more time with her?! P.S It was during one of these game nights I had guacamole for the first time!! (This is not a joke…..)
  3. Sneak food to her dog under the table so that he begins to like you. Doritos, chicken, whatever I had, I gave to Reagan. He wasn’t a fan of anyone, so this impressed Soleil. LOL She had no idea I was bribing him.
  4. Take her to all the sports related events (Soleil here, um, nope please don’t – I hate sports). Ok, scratch that. If you take the girl to the sports events, buy her all the snacks she wants. (Soleil again – um, yes… snacks!) We saw Orlando City Soccer, Washington Capitals, and my nephew’s soccer games!
  5. One word: History! For those who may be reading this blog for the first time, Soleil is a huge history buff. She loves it! Well what more could a girl do then take her to Washington, D.C where history is preserved and treasured in monuments and museums?! I will never forget the moments of silence between us in awe, as she took in the Lincoln Memorial or the original american flag that rests in the US History Museum.
  6. Love her and above all, NEVER let her go. I proposed to Soleil less than 12 hours after my brothers cheered loudly in a bar with a bunch of other random patrons (who also cheered!) to the note that she was my girl. I knew the moment I saw her she was the one for me. After 4 years of her being my best friend, and having the opportunity to show her my love, I got on bended knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with me. Of course, she said YES! (duh…. 😂)

By now, you are wondering, “Okay Katie, but why did you join the business? What is it that you exactly do in the business?” Well lucky for you, I am here to tell you just that…..

Why did I join the business?

Initially her love for the legacy she leaves drew me in but I fall for this woman every day. Meeting our clients who share that intensity of love for one another is the icing on the wedding cake (pun totally intended!).

Soleil and I chose this life to spend with one another, and living two separate lives, one at a full time job 70+ hours a week, didn’t sit well with me. Loving Soleil from afar and working an hour away from home, doesn’t support my idea of spending my life with her. This business is an extension of Soleil’s heart. These images are a visual representation of how she views the world, and it is filled with so much beauty and love. I want more than anything to be a part of that love story. I want more than anything to spend our love story, together.

What do I do?

I am the curator of laughter for our clients. Whether it is when I am second shooting at a wedding and trying to calm our couple’s nerves by cracking silly jokes, or if we are at a family session and our little human clients just aren’t that into standing still so I have to pretend I am a spaceship, I believe that laughter is part of the beauty of love. I believe that laughter brings joy and being joyful is truly beautiful!

I also am the girl behind the scenes running the business operations. You know, the boring stuff like budgeting and bills. Soleil thrives on being creative and having the ability to take the lead on projects, while I thrive on the complexity of the business and its needs.

We both believe that our pictures will exemplify the love our clients have for one another and will bring them joy for generations to come!


(Soleil here! Katie’s gonna kill me for adding this after she wrote this blog post but, uh… she also holds alllllll the things. Including doors. On beaches. In 100+ degree heat. After having already put it back in the car and made her drag it back out on the beach for one last shot. OOPS.)


What is my favorite aspect of the business?

Our clients. There is no doubt in my mind that getting to preserve our clients most important and intimate days is my favorite part of the business. We get the exclusive look at the raw emotions our clients go through when getting married, having children, and growing as a couple and family.

Through life we will remember less and less specifics about our most precious life changing events. The details will become less clear and the moment may start to fade. However, knowing that our clients will be able to pull out their heirlooms like their album or look at their photo prints, we get to ensure those details will not fade. Those memories and the specifics around those life changing moments will always remain. The joy of preserving those moments and knowing that our clients legacy will remain forever: that is my favorite aspect of this job!


P.S – didn’t believe me about Soleil’s fascination with History? Here she is at the Lincoln Memorial for the very first time! She *almost* cried.



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soleil + katie

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